tec plus 460 cc ti matrix driver review

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men’s Review

The TEC Plus 460cc Ti Matrix includes a profound face and most extreme C.O.R. (coefficient of compensation). C.O.R. is a measure of how productively vitality, as speed, is exchanged between the ball and the club head. Basically, a most extreme C.O.R. implies that this club has the biggest, USGA lawful, “spring impact”.

The solid graphite shaft and titanium framework development give pardoning, permitting shots that are not hit in the focal point of the face to at present stay exact. The TEC Plus driver conveys reliably high, long ball flights, and is the ideal club for anybody searching for a moderate driver.

tec plus 460 cc ti matrix driver men's reviews

The 460 cc head on this driver makes it greatly lenient notwithstanding when you don’t hit it appropriate of the focal point of the club head. With this club, you’ll be hitting the ball longer, higher, and straighter out of the case.

The graphite shaft on the TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix club is another of those easy-going highlights that make this club extraordinary for the golfer who doesn’t have the ideal swing presently.

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Product Features

  • Not Applicable.
  • Imported.
  • 460cc measured head with a profound face and most extreme C.O.R.
  • Solid graphite shaft.
  • Ball flight is reliably high and long.
  • Brilliant driver for any beginner golfer.
  • Titanium framework development is ideal for tee shots.

tec plus 460 cc ti matrix driver men's (right-handed)


The cost will be the best thing about this club. In case you’re another golfer or one that just plays a couple of times each year, at that point this will be the ideal club for you. In case you’re a prepared golfer who plays a few adjusts a year, at that point, you will need to put resources into some better hardware. The club is accessible in right hand or left hand for those lefties who experience considerable difficulties finding a reasonable club.

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tec plus 460cc ti matrix driver men's (right-handed)
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