TaylorMade M4 Driver review

It does come at a cheaper price point this driver roughly around 100 pounds cheaper / $80 cheaper it features twist face still as the TaylorMade m3 does so a way of helping find more fairways on off since it hits hammerhead technology to keep the ball speed hot or low hits but instead of the weight track along the back the white rack this technology which is a debatable word to hours if trooper told is gee acoustic and this is a way of designing they had differently for it to sound more explosive.

taylormade m4

taylormade m4 hybrid

there is a weight port here at the back it does the adjustable sleeve its loft-like the TaylorMade m3 house and it still looks pretty awesome. I found it to be a little bit different to the TaylorMade m3 twist face. we see a couple of surprising factors but the big numbers are actually banged on target so we look at the carry distance that is in that optimum performance range that I like to see with the driver.

Taylormade M4 adjustment

just under two hundred and seventy-nine yards and for a total distance of two nine eight I would see and I saw this throughout the full testing with the m4 the ball speed was a fraction lower than I was getting with TaylorMade m3 spin rate was a touch high it wasn’t.

taylormade m4 iron set

it wasn’t about 2,600 but I managed to drop it down to 2,300 by actually lowering the loft I actually cranked a loft down by 0.66 of a degree to bring this 9.5 degrees head into an eight-point nine degrees head and me brought those spin figures down a little bit the TaylorMade m4 review like the TaylorMade m2 and the TaylorMade m3 in the past the m4 has always been a slightly higher spin model I’ve used the same shaft this is the ten size shaft 70 gram X blanks.

M4 driver review

  • TaylorMade m4 driver review New face ebb and flow w/restorative face edge on topsy-turvy hits, to lessen side turn and convey straighter shots. Gives more space in high-toe and less space in low-heel for the more predictable turn.
  • Hammerhead space: the strengthened external parts of the opening take into account a lighter, more adaptable face, bringing about a bigger sweet spot.
  • The middle bit of the space builds ball speed low on the face and drops undesirable turn for more separation.
  • GEOCOUSTIC: Shaped by a strong and dangerous sound. Lessened sole volume empowers a bigger, all the more lenient face.

taylormade m4 driver head


  • It includes Headcover and wrench.
  • The TaylorMade m3 has adjustable weights, M4 only has adjustable lie angle.
  • There is 30 plus free of upcharge shafts.
  • The M4 comes stock with the new Fujikura Atmos shaft.

taylormade m4



taylormade m-4 driver 2018

Between M 1 and M 2 is why is them for cheaper and does it drop off in performance well the big thing for me really the only thing that makes it cheaper is that you don’t have as many adjustable weights there’s no adjustable track at the back.

this is really the only thing you can adjust is the loft sleeve and that is pretty much it regards to performance actually performance on paper I didn’t really see any massive differences apart from the fact that the weight is a little bit further back.

Therefore you’re gonna see a little bit of a higher spin as generalization that’s not again always gonna be the case so really it’s cheaper just because you can’t adjust it as much as M 3 so another really common question was is it any better than last year’s M 2 so again just on generalization of testing.

I don’t see that much of a difference in performance looks wise I think it looks a lot better than last year’s M 2 the way that it’s way more symmetrical at the bottom I’m a big fan of the silver top I know many people aren’t a big fan of they actually prefer the white but I really loved that bottom way more symmetrical and silver top so personally I think it looks better than last year’s M 2 but still, in my opinion, it doesn’t look as good as the first ever generation M – I.But still I think it will a great decision to buy it.

taylormade m4 fairway wood

taylormade m4


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