TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Driver 440cc features and specs

  • Redesigned t-track System with long Track and more moveable weight
  • Three premium Stock shafts, with 30+ after-market no-upcharge shaft options
  • Lamkin UTX cord grip (Stock)
  • New ultra-lightweight, aluminum, 4 loft sleeve with 12 settings (innovations)
  • Manufacturing repeatability for regular look and performance.

taylormade men's aeroburner driver

TaylorMade 2017 M1 Men’s Driver 440cc Review

taylormade m1 irons

Best driver I have ever hit. The hazardous shaft is deadly. It is a Great driver, I would buy again.

This is a great look and like before I think it helps with alignment at address with the white leading edge taking over to give an optical illusion of a smaller head. Look a little closer and you will see that the white section is a little thinner and more angled now in order to take some weight out of the top of the club and that will be a recurring theme here.

taylormade men's aeroburner driver

easy to use, easy to handle, really a worthy product I have ever purchased.

At the point when TaylorMade propelled the first M1 driver, they said that it would last the entire year and surprisingly, after 14 months TaylorMade has adhered to that guarantee with intrigue.

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The 2017 M1 driver that we have been sitting tight light a long time for in TaylorMade terms, expands on the achievement of the first by advancing it along similar standards instead of a discount overhaul, which regards see.


taylormade men's aeroburner driver

From above you would need to be hawk peered toward to detect the 4% bigger impression at the address which has been accomplished by sparing weight in a couple of spots.

Beside that despite everything it includes the unmistakable white titanium driving edge in front of the dark Carbon Composite crown that now includes 6 layers of material.

This is an awesome look and like before I think it assists with the arrangement at address with the white driving edge assuming control to give an optical deception of a little head. Look somewhat closer and you will see that the white segment is somewhat more slender and more calculated now keeping in mind the end goal to remove some weight from the highest point of the club and that will be a repeating subject here.

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This gives the feeling that the new form is more profound than the old one, and it is somewhat, however not as much as you think because of the additional territory of dark from the more slender white line.

taylormade m1 hybrid

Turn the club over and you begin to see where a portion of the fundamental changes come in. Right off the bat, there is more carbon around, 43% to be exact, and this is most clear in the toe board.

This carbon board on the bottom has been recessed in a little which spares volume here to empower the general impression to be bigger.

In conjunction with utilizing new materials and holding procedures, this recoveries 8g which is added to the 3g they have spared by utilizing lighter 9-1-1 titanium for the body and you have 11g grams to play around with.

Its vast majority is put bring down in the sole of the head and 2g is additionally added to the past 10g back weight that slides along a 12.7mm longer track that is more vital to empower you to move the CG additionally back to enhance the MOI of the head.

This isn’t a shocking change as most visit player M1 setups I saw had the weight set at the back for greatest dispatch joined with a low turning face hang. The front weight is as yet 15g and sides along an even track to offer 25 yards of left to right flight, which is a considerable amount.

taylormade m1 3 wood

taylormade men's aeroburner driver

The impact of this is to offer fitters more choices to tweak the flight of the ball and in the extremes, it was giving a recognizable change to turn and shot shape.

The 15 positions on the backtrack join with 15 over the front, 12 on the hosel and a decision of 4 head lofts from 8.5° to 12° to give 10,800 conceivable head setups, which is really two or three thousand not exactly previously, however I am certain we will all figure out how to get by.

The moveable weights are presently more implanted in the track to enhance the streamlined features and joined with the darker looks, it gives the 2017 M1 a more evil look with lime green flashes.

The tracks are additionally tucked under a shade that originates from the foot sole area side of the club to enhance the optimal design as the wind currents over the underside askew from the rear area amid the swing.

The weights are currently adding a similar shape on the underside, so in the event that you needed to put them both in the backtrack to adjust the weight more in the focal point of the club and include heaps of reverse-pivot, at that point that is conceivable now as well.

taylormade m1 adjustments

The past hosel was plastic and disliked this procedure and TaylorMade has guaranteed that the new aluminum adaptation is in reverse good as well. It can alter space and lie by 2° in additions of 1°, 0.6°, and 0.4° as you go encourage far from standard.

So there is a great deal of specialized tweaking going ahead with the 2017 M1 driver, in any case, it boils down to how it plays. One of the main things you will see is the enhanced sound which isn’t as empty and considerably more strong than the first M1.

Contrasted with the past M1 driver, the 2017 variant performed similarly too on Trackman and if there were picks up it was a couple of yards here or a couple of less rpm there. With such a significant number of set up choices, it is difficult to be all out.

For example, once we had chosen amid my TaylorMade fitting that the new M1 head was a superior turning alternative for me than the 2017 M2 driver and that we should begin with an indistinguishable 10.5°g space from previously, at that point that is the point at which the adaptability of the weight tracks came in.

taylormade m1 vs m2

Utilizing the flexible hosel to go up one score and include 1° hang, it was then an instance of pursuing down the correct blend of dispatch point and turn to get the most convey and after that aggregate separation including roll.

Now and then a potential setting conveyed great outcomes yet was rejected in light of the fact that it didn’t feel ideal, as when you move the weights around it changes how the club sounds and feels as the CG and MOI get marginally adjusted. The last can enhance the number of focus strikes which is the place you can get the genuine separation, so this is more imperative than you might suspect.

It is a noteworthy procedure, yet like most things throughout everyday life, you may get the ideal setting for you, or you may simply get the ideal choice with a few bargains. I wound up with the setting that had the hosel change up one indent, the back weight of impartial and the front weight towards the foot rear area. This gave me the most convey with the best dispatch, yet in a perfect world around 200rpm an excess of turn.

You can perceive how the outcomes beneath changed as Clubs 1 to 3 had the Kuro Kage shaft in with different settings previously we changed to the lighter HZRDUS shaft for Clubs 4 and 5.

taylormade m1 driver for sale

Clubs 6 and 7 above were the 440cc adaptation of the M1 head, for the individuals who have the precision and need the turn diminished further.

This head likely sounds far and away superior, yet is barely less lenient so it would convey some particular execution preferences to be an alternative, which I didn’t oversee as I was including the turn with my miss-hits and it additionally did not convey as far

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