TaylorMade GolfClub Company


TaylorMade’s M1 driver incorporates two autonomous weight tracks or sliders. The Front Track’s sliding weight is 15 grams, and moves side-to-side (heel-to-toe); the Back Track’s sliding weight is 10 grams and moves front-to-back (far from and nearer to the clubface).

Together, the Front Track and BackTrack make up the T-Track System, 25 grams of moveable weight.

The foot rear area to-toe weight of the Front Track influences side-to-side shot molding: Change the situation of the weight to make pretty much draw predisposition or blur inclination. The golfer can impact up to 25 yards distinction in shot molding, TaylorMade says, with the Front Track.

The BackTrack, then again, gives the golfer a chance to influence snapshot of inactivity (forgiving) and turn rate.

Contingent upon the front-to-back situating of the 10-gram weight, the golfer can switch turn rate by up to 300 rpm and dispatch point by 0.8 degrees, as per the organization.

Where does the additional, or spared, weight originates from that enabled TaylorMade to incorporate two sliders? The multi-material development.

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