cobra f-max complete set review


Price – $198.95

Loft Length Swing Weight Volume Stock Flex RH/LH
9.5º 45.50″ D3 460cc S, R, Lite RH
10.5º 45.50″ D1 460cc S, R, Lite RH/LH
11.5º 45.50″ D0 460cc S, R, Lite RH



Model Flex Weight Kick Point Torque Tip Diameter
F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Stiff 55g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.335
F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Regular 53g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.335
F-MAX / COBRA SuperLite Lite 49g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.335

Product Features & specs

  • Balance outline an Offset hosel configuration makes higher dispatch with more draw inclination for straighter, more exact shots.
  • Ultralight setup lighter shafts and swing weights advance most extreme clubhead speed and separation for slower swing speeds.
  • Back/heel CG weight-a settled back weight situated close to the foot rear area advances all the more sympathetic, straighter drives.
  • Crown arrangement includes an outwardly engaging crown highlight makes it simple to adjust the clubhead at the address for straighter shots of the Tee.
  • Manufactured ti-6-4 confront fashioned Titanium confront embed conveys more speed and separation on off-kilter hits.

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver Review

cobra f-max fairway wood

These clubs these clubs are designed for a specific purpose and a specific player it’s designed for a player who needs a little bit more clubhead speed also who needs to launch it in the air a little bit more and who needs that a little bit of help with it from the club, to give them a little bit more draw bias or to square that club face up a little bit more.

so just going into the little bit of the technology overall the clubs are really like they’re a little bit lighter in swing weight as well as overall weight that’s just helping the player to get that a little bit more clubhead speed which is actually going to really benefit them in distance so these clubs are made a little bit lighter in swing weights as well as overall weight if you look at the driver here as well as the hybrid and the 3-wood they have a weight that is situated towards the heel and a little bit further back that is designed specifically to help the toe of the club.

just close through the impact area just helping you straighten out the flight so these clubs are really all about trying to pick up a little bit of speed nice and forgiving and just launching it higher in the air. the driver comes in an offset driver as well as a straight Hazell offset map really is also going to help promote a higher launch but also that draw ball flat they’ve got an alignment on the top of the crown which really actually helps you square up the face at address.

cobra f-max driver

I got that right out of the tote a little bit high on the face but reasonably good distance and pretty straight so I’m actually really impressed. it’s pretty forgiving. The Cobra F Max driver is Super Game Improvement technology on a diet. Let’s take a Golfbidder look Under The Hood. Golf is a game enjoyed by millions around the world and the vast percentage of participants fall into the high handicap category and Cobra with their F Max line is throwing everything in their armory into ensuring the beginners, occasional players and those of us without the brute force of Tour pros can enjoy their game.


The F-Max Driver achieves this by using a number of techniques but primarily by being light. Their Superlite 50 shaft is even lighter than its predecessor and comes with a larger than normal Lamkin grip to allow moderate swingers to achieve a little bit more speed and thus distance. The head is 460cc with a Forged Titanium Face insert which is pretty standard and never disappoints. The weight in the F-Max driver head is back and significantly in the heel, to really promote a draw shape, because we all hate when the ball slices weakly off the face and goes nowhere, my shot, and there’s a choice of buying your F Max with a straight or an offset head, depending on whether you want workability or even more forgiveness. So there it is the Cobra F Max driver, designed for the super game improvement category with an emphasis on being light.

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Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver
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