Callaway men’s XR 16 golf driver Description

Dimensions: 48 x 6 x 6 inches.Absolution meets quick from our most streamlined head shape and a speed step crown:  worked with the optimal design specialists at Boeing to achieve a totally new limit of ball speed

callaway xr 16 irons


Outrageous pardoning: this driver is to a great degree excusing, and that is the thing that happens when you build up a bigger shape for MOI, extend the crown with a greater impression, and put in a focal point of gravity that is lower and more profound.

callaway xr 16 adjustments

Much more ball speed with a quicker pace: we’ve ventured up to our amusement with Next age RMOTO confront Technology that is 9 grams lighter and more slender and the body is lighter as well, which prompts more ball speed over the face.

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver Reviews

I was convinced to get this driver. I love it!  my accuracy is getting better very quickly. The price was well worth. I am really enjoying this one and very happy that I spent the money on this product.

callaway xr 16 hybrid


I love this driver and replaced my old one. I inspired with the hook bias Callaway XR 16 driver adjustment. It has wonderful look and amazing product.

Separation: With maybe a couple exemptions, an elevated authority that gobbles up yards quicker than a ravenous gopher; reacts well at high speeds—most analyzers can pound the quickening agent and uncover some additional mileage; motivates a hard cut for some folks and appears to play significantly longer on the course.

callaway xr 16 pro driver

Exactness/FORGIVENESS: The most grounded highlight of outstanding amongst other tried models this year—a pound it-straight-ahead kind of club with a sweet detect the extent of Texas; mis-hits get almost a full measure—the XR’s paying special mind to you, regardless of whether you haven’t discovered your swing.

FEEL: Testers give it high denotes; a macho club, with great, enduring haul and a spring-stacked mash at affect; incredible adjust—the pole’s an extraordinary counterpart for the head, stacking up and jumping on the ball; doesn’t draw you a guide, however, gives you a thought where you hit it.

PLAYABILITY: A normally high flier that likes to go straight; for a couple of folks, the light draws and blurs are in play, however, it’s best to give it a chance to do its thing; basic changes appear to take care of business.

LOOK: The XR 16’s matte complete keeps on grabbing fans; the ancestral designs are one of a kind, in any event, and they help focus the ball; for a few, the decals appear to blur somewhat after some utilization.

callaway xr 16 fairway wood

callaway XR 16 driver settings chart

  • ” S ” = Stated loft (Loft stamped on Clubhead)
  • ” -1 ” Subtracts 1 degree from Stated Loft
  • ” +1 ” Adds 1 degree to Stated Loft
  • ” +2 ” Adds 2 degrees to Stated Loft


A significantly more grounded confront: it’s hard to believe, but it’s true,  made the face much more grounded with new 8-1-1 titanium. When you consolidate the speedier face with the extraordinary pardoning in this driver, you can get a great deal of ball speed, wherever the ball hits the face.


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Callaway men's xr 16 golf driver
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