Callaway Golf Company (Callaway Golf)

Callaway Golf Company (Callaway Golf), fused on May 7, 1999, plans, makes and offers golf clubs, golf balls, golf packs and other golf-related extras. The Company has two fragments: the golf clubs portion and golf balls section. The golf clubs section comprises of Callaway Golf woods, cross breeds, irons and wedges, and Odyssey putters. This section additionally incorporates other golf-related frill, sovereignties from authorizing of the Company’s trademarks and administration imprints, and offers of pre-possessed golf clubs. The golf balls section comprises of Callaway Golf and Strata balls that are outlined, made and sold by the Company. The Company pitches its items to retailers, straightforwardly and through its auxiliaries, and to outsider wholesalers.

The Company offers pre-possessed golf items through its Website, What’s more, the Company offers Callaway Golf and Odyssey items, including Toulon Design by Odyssey, specifically to shoppers through its Websites, and The Company likewise licenses its trademarks and administration marks for use on golf related embellishments, including golf attire and footwear, golf gloves, remedy eyewear and rehearse helps. As of December 31, 2016, the Company’s items were sold in the United States and in more than 100 nations around the globe.

The Company’s item classifications incorporate woods, irons, putters, golf balls and frill, and other. Woods incorporates offers of the Company’s drivers, fairway woods and items, which are sold under the Callaway Golf mark. These items are by and large made of metal either titanium or steel or a blend of metal and a composite material. The drivers, fairway woods and items are accessible in different lofts, shafts and different particulars. The Irons item classification incorporates offers of the Company’s irons and wedges, which are sold under the Callaway Golf mark. Its irons are for the most part made of metal either titanium, steel or uncommon amalgam or a composite material, which is a mix of metal and polymer materials. The Company’s irons are accessible in different plans, shafts and different determinations. Putters incorporate offers of the Company’s putters, which are sold under the Odyssey mark. The Company’s putters are accessible in different styles, shafts and different details.

The Golf balls fragment incorporates offers of the Company’s golf balls, which are sold under the Callaway Golf and Strata brands. Its golf balls are for the most part either a two-piece golf ball comprising of a center and cover, or a multilayer golf ball comprising of at least two segments notwithstanding the cover. The Company’s golf ball items incorporate spreads that fuse a dimple design, and in addition covers that fuse plans, including the Company’s HEX Aerodynamics, which is a cross section of tubes that shape hexagons and pentagons. Adornments and different incorporates offers of bundled sets, golf packs, golf gloves, golf footwear, golf clothing, travel equip, headwear, towels, umbrellas, eyewear and different frill, and in addition offers of pre-claimed items through the Company’s