cobra f8 fairwaycobra f8 fairway wood

Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 details.

  • Exactness processed face-our first completely Machined driver confront is CNC processed to make our most slender, most blazing, and most exact face EVER
  • 360 Aero-Innovative Polymer Aero trips positioned around the edge of the clubhead enhance drag lessening face-on through the downswing to produce maximum clubhead speed.
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown-A lighter 5-utilize carbon fiber crown spares discretionary weight to move the CG lower and more profound, producing higher directions and expanded pardoning.
  • F8 movable CG-2 CG positions in the back and heel result in two altogether different ball flights to enable you to tune your separation and direction under factor conditions
  • My Fly 8 with SmartPad-8 effectively movable space settings help you manage trajectory and adjust dispatch conditions to maximize distance while SmartPad keeps the face square.

Features & Specs.

  • Precision Milled Face
  • Optimized Sweet Zone with E9 Technology
  • Precision Thickness
  • Dual Roll Technology
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown
  • Lightweight Ti-8-1-1 Body & Forged E9 Face
  • F8 Back & Heel CG
  • My Fly 8 with Smart Pad
8° – 11° BACK/HEEL 45.75 D1 S/R/LITE RH/LH


Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Review

The one length f8 Hyeon’s the cobra f8 fairway wood and the hybrids all in f8 from Cobra. we see a very very smart cool design in the f8 driver this is a black and grey finish they called the grey Nardo gray and this without question in my eyes is the best-looking Cobra driver they’ve ever made it looks so unbelievable and it features loads and new technologies.

cobra f8 fairway

the most important aspects first for me the face of this driver is probably the most eye-catching feature to this golf club as soon as you pick it up this has a milled face on the driver that has not been done in drivers ever before and certainly I know you often see milled facing in irons in wedges and certainly in putters but Cobra claiming now with this new milled face technology you’re getting the most precise driver face that’s ever been made.

I’m very impressed with what it’s doing, it’s feeling the ball flies to performance everything and bearing in mind this is not the driver that should suit me this is the more forgiving version I’m gonna test the f8 force then we’re gonna move into that cobra f8 fairway wood the hybrids and the irons loads.

cobra f8 driver shaft

So I’ve got this in nine and a half I’ve got this in the Isle dealer rogue I’ve been fitted for this extra stiff shaft the cobra f8 driver shaft that I typically use and wow that driver from the top right let’s concentrate let’s hit some shots probably one was GC quad Cobra f8 driver awesome and that’s come out like a rocket I’m expecting a little bit of draw bias because the weight is in the heel

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cobra f8 driver regular

What that gives you as a golfer apparently is more consistency across the face more ball speed more distance.  they’ve really worked hard on the airflow they call this arrow or 360-degree arrow they’ve got these kinds of new aerodynamic strips on the top even at the bottom as well that’s again reducing air flow making this driver as fast as possible we’ve seen again that before in technology but not in this kind of way where it’s more 360 around the face completely and then we see a very different top of this driver for a cold this is a multi-material we’ve got carbon at the back and then two titanium at the front this is not new.





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